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Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree
Nordmann Firs are the preferred Christmas tree of Europe, featuring long, full, lush, dark green foliage that is soft to the touch and has superb needle retention. The Nordmann, abies nordmanniana, Christmas tree variety is little known to the general American public but is easily the best-kept secret according to those that buy them year after year.

The Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree originates from the Caucasus Mountains, south and east of the Black Sea in Asia Minor and was named after Odesa Professor of Botany, Alexander von Nordmann (1803-1866). Attaining grand heights of 200 feet or more in the wild, Nordmann Firs are beloved in the Christmas tree community because of their attractive foliage, blunt, flattened needles, and distinctive quality of shedding the fewest, if any, needles. Under cultivation, Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees can reach 60 feet in height with a spread of 25 to 30 feet. Their handsome, soft and lustrous black-green needles stem from symmetrically arranged branches, producing the ideal pyramidal specimen for your Christmas tree. Because of their beauty and symmetry, Nordmann Firs are popular as ornamental trees in parks and gardens.

Nordmann Fir trees were the show stopper at the Mid-Atlantic Nurserymen's Trade Show with crowds of curious onlookers gathering around the Nordmann's beautiful branches. Nordmann needles are longer and softer than other Christmas tree varieties and the branches of Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees are more spaced out than other specimens, perfect for those that have a lot of ornaments. The cones of Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees are 5-6 inches long, reddish-brown in color, with two winged seeds.

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